Our Story

Born in Italy, our brand is fueled by passion, quality craftsmanship, and a dedication to redefine pet style with avante garde designs — all inspired by the unyielding nature of diamonds.

Our founder’s love for animals was first ignited by her upbringing in Canada where she found herself surrounded by Morgan Horses.

Despite growing up around the business of horse breeding, Molly Neice’s journey into the world of high-end pet fashion began with her love for the "micro-bully" canine breed. 

Neice's first micro-bully, KingP, left an indelible mark on her heart. His passing was a profound loss, but from that heartache emerged a powerful idea – to transform pain into something brilliantly beautiful. Driven by the desire to honor KingP’s memory and celebrate the unique qualities of micro bullies, the vision was clear: to create high-end, specialized accessories that would cater to the distinctive needs of these muscular, beautiful dogs. 

Crafted in the artisan workshops of Florence, Italy, every piece reflects Neice's vision and the enduring spirit of KingP, marrying rebellious vibes with refined elegance.

In the words of our founder:

“Every piece in this collection is born from a heartache that metamorphosed into something beautiful.” 

Collaborating with talented designer Lars Duelffer, Duelffer’s values of contemporary style and commitment to superior quality and detail have elevated the brand to new heights, making Devils and Diamonds a symbol of bold, subversive strength in the luxury fashion world.

At Devils and Diamonds, we believe that every pet, big or small, deserves to luxuriate in the exceptional quality of our creations. Our brand is a celebration of the bond between pets and their owners, a testament to the idea that pets are family. Join us in pampering your pet with the same care and attention you would give to a special family member.